Tracy's Links

Places I visit daily

o My favorite columnist, Jon Carroll

Cool Places

o Our favorite indoor place to spend a Saturday: San Francisco Exploratorium.
o Our favorite outdoor place to spend a Saturday: Oakland Zoo.
o Another favorite indoor place to spend a Saturday: Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.
o KFOG live through RealPlayer on your computer.
Why Files The Why Files covers science and nature questions in great depth.


Attachment Parenting

o Attachment Parenting mailing list. I run this small support list for parents and parents-to-be to discuss attachment parenting. (Also see AP-SpiritedKids below).
o Attachment Parenting business pages. A webring of businesses whose owners practice attachment parenting. I do my best to support home and family based businesses.
o Attachment Parenting mailing list for pregnant moms. I was on this through my pregnancy with Timothy. It's a great resource.
o Attachment Parenting from the experts: William and Martha Sears answer parents' questions at this forum.

Fun Stuff for Kids (and Mac Share/Freeware)

o Mac Share and Freeware Kid's Domain.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

o The Midwife Archive, where the on-line midwife goes to discuss pregnancy and birth.
o My favorite Earthy-birthy woman at The Radical Fringe Mothering Page.
o Is Homebirth for You? 6 Myths about childbirth exposed. A must read for those not considering a homebirth.
o Homebirth at The Compleat Mother.

Spirited Kids

o Attachment parenting a Spirited Kid? Join my AP-SpiritedKids mailing list. I run this support list for parents of Spirited Kids that use Attachment Parenting methods.
o Spirited Kid Support Forum, great support and ideas for living with your spirited kid.


ABAP logo My favorite E-Zine A Breed Apart.
Looking for an adoption group? Adopt-A-Greyhound lists by location including groups all over the world.

Work and Career

oMy current work Bear River Associates.
oProfessional development at Project Management Institute.

Places to Shop on the Web (all personally tested ;-)

oRemaindered books and great service at Book Close Outs.
oLands End has the best catalog and online services I've seen on the Web.
oGlad Rags has 100% organic cotton menstruation pads and other "feminine" products. I love mine.
oAnother great place to get alternative menstruation products is Many Moons.
oToastie toes for everyone at Shepherds Flock. We got slippers for both boys this year--Thomas loves his so much he sleeps with them!
oTannenbaum, yes, Christmas trees through the mail. We've gotten lovely Nobel Firs from them for the last two years!

Maternity and Nursing Clothing

oThe #1 place to get nursing clothing: Motherwear. Don't miss their deals on Tuesday, Personal Shopper Day.
oLittle Koala has great discount maternity and nursing stuff. Mostly basics, but the prices are excellent.
oIf you sew (even a little bit) buy your nursing patterns at Elizabeth Lee Designs. My sewing knowledge comes from 1 semester in 7th grade and I've made 4 nightgowns, 3 tops and a dress from her easy patterns!
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