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Mac stuff:

Zocalo Internet Services host of, excellent tech support.

BMUG Online Best BBS for members, Planet BMUG, a glossary of computer terms, an excellent Mac reference. I did the New Planet BMUG tour pages. Soon to become PlanetMUG.

Arizona Macintosh Users Group well done ftp site.

MacOS Rumours know before almost everyone else, they are rumours, though.

Macintosh Centro Australian site, higher per capita use of computers than US.

Small Dog Electronics fun site, great service, trailing edge stuff. Closeouts, remanufactured and used items. This is where I get most of my Mac hardware.

SiteLink links to everything Macintosh.

Apple Web site contents the best way to find what you need from Apple.

MacAddict network an excellent array of Mac related sites.

MacWeek the professionals Mac magazine.

InfoMac search find Mac shareware, freeware, etc.

Don Crabb sanity in Mac reporting.

This Old Mac rehab that old Mac and make it useful, you can make an SE/30 surf the Web!

Sustainable Softworks makers of IPNetRouter. It is a low cost OT native Internet Protocol router that runs as software on a Macintosh. Useful for running a network off of one IP address from a cable or DSL modem. I got a discount on my copy since I do contract work for Kagi, the registration company. Worth full price with their excellent tech support!



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