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Google! - My favorite search engine.

Alta Vista - One of the better search engines.

Open Directory Project - The Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors. Many search engines use Open Directory data.

Internet Hoaxes - Please do not perpetuate these hoaxes, here's what to do the next time you get an email warning of doom!

United States Patent and Trademark Office - Search patent and trademark databases. Register trademarks online. A whole slew of interesting stuff here.

GPO Access Multi-Database Search - Search most U.S. government web pages here. If you are looking for government information this is the best place to start.

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet - Find out what your representatives are really doing. Searchable database if bills, links to many other parts of our government, etc.

IBM Patent Server - An amazing free resource, do patent searches back to 1971 for free.

Thomas Register - Search for companies and products, a huge reference.

Information Please: - On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference.

Berkeley Tool Lending Library - The Tool Lending Library is about the coolest thing ever! Every city and town should have one. A few years ago I designed and built a redwood hot tub from scratch, borrowed most of the tools from here.

Search the EDGAR Database - This site will allow you to retrieve publicly available filings submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission from January 1994 to the present.

Advanced Book Exchange - Find used books to buy.

alibris - "Books you thought you would never find."

Bibliofind - Nine million old, used and rare books offered here for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world make this the largest and possibly the most interesting book selling site on the Web. Now owned by

National Geographic - I was surprised to find that National Geographic magazine is now available on the news stand.

Library Catalogs via Telnet - A listing of library catalogs worldwide that are accessible via Telnet, an incredible resource!


click2Bhere - Midcoast Maine reporting at its best. Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and the surrounding area. A great vacation reference!

New York Times - A great newspaper online.

Times Books - Book reviews.

SJ Mercury News - The best computer and tech coverage.

Christian Science Monitor - We got it every day when I was a kid, an excellent paper.

CNN - Breaking news.

Jon Carroll - A columnist in the San Francisco Chronicle.

LA Times - Yet another great paper.

Moreover - News search engine. Keyword search of major news outlets.

Daypop - Excellent news search engine. You can submit web sites for future inclusion.


SF Bay Area Doppler radar - See if it is raining in the SF Bay Area.

RAMSDIS ONLINE - Real time satellite data animations. This is way better than the stuff that you see on the TV weather. Best with a fast Internet connection, a computer with fast processor and graphics card.

Unisys Weather: Latest US Radar Loop - Very nice current US radar loop. Also available are stationary maps for current radar to 6 hours old.

Unisys Weather: Latest IR Satellite and Radar Loop - Very nice current US radar loop with infrared satellite cloud data superimposed. This is like what you see on the TV weather. Also available are stationary maps for current IR satellite and radar to 12 hours old.

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